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Greg Magee

Captain Greg is the owner of the “Blue Fairways Par 5″ and he is also the owner of Magee Insurance Group in Ludington. He began fishing with his family as a teenager and started tournament fishing in the 1980′s with Mark Price on the “Obsessed 1″. He experienced early success by winning the Ludington Lowrance Tournament, which hooked him for life. Greg’s other passion is golf. He is an avid golfer, which is where the boat got its name. His wife, Karen, enjoys cruising the Great Lakes, while their two daughters, Mallory and Ronni, love to tournament fish the “Ladies Tournaments” with great success.

Wally Laaksonen

Capt. Wally has spent five decades chasing salmon and trout on the Great Lakes . The salmon were first planted in the 60s and Wally’s father, the fishing legend Al Laaksonen (Finlander), would wrap his toddler son up in a blanket and take him along in order to fish a few extra rods. Wally grew up first mating for different captains and fishing on the Finlander tournament fishing team with his dad and younger brother Rich. The Finlander won a lot of Tournaments in the 70’s.
Capt. Wally got his captains license on his 18th birthday, bought his first boat, the Finn II, and paid his way through college and law school running charters.

Wally won his first major tournament (Lowrance Great Lakes Salmon Tournament) in 1986 at the age of 22.

In 1987 at the Annual World Championship Speed Fish Cleaning Contest he set a world record for cleaning two king salmon in 26 seconds.Fishing tournaments with friends is still the highlight of Wally’s summers.

Wally still practices a little law (Laaksonen Law Offices PC) in order to support and bad fishing habit. When he isn’t chasing salmon, Wally enjoys time at their cabin with his wife Jenn and sons August and Lucas. He is the owner of the Laaksonen Law Office in Paw, Paw, MI

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Joel Spoelman

Captain Joel began his fishing career on Lake Michigan at the age of 5 with his dad on an 18 foot Trihull with homemade Downriggers. At 16, he was working as a 1st mate on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. When he turned 20, he earned his Captains license and has been tournament fishing and running boats ever since.

Off the water, Joel is a partner in a CPA firm and live with his wife Jill. Their daughters, Samantha (Sam), Michala (Mic) and Jaimie (Jim) are excited to fish, hunt turkey and deer. Fishing is a big part of their lives, and with God’s continued blessings they will continue for many more.

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Kraig Anderson

Captain Kraig was introduced to Lake Michigan salmon fishing in Ludington at an early age by his Uncle Jack. Years later, he turned his passion for salmon fishing into the perfect summer job as a first mate for some of the top charter captains on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. After obtaining his captains license at age 27, Kraig has transitioned from running charter boats to Lake Michigan tournament fishing .

Off the boat, Kraig works for Magee Insurance Group, and is married to Shelly (who competes in professional fishing tournaments as part of an all female crew). In the fall, you will find him bowhunting big whitetails in the Midwest. They have two children, Jordyn and Chase.

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